Turban Tuesday Competition

Happy New Year everyone! 

So to welcome in 2017 I’ve decided to run a little competition, or rather one every Tuesday through-out January, as part of #turbantuesday.

Today’s turban which is up for grabs is a copy of the one I wore on NYE. We spent the night with some amazing friends at a house party so I kept my outfit comfy. I wore a tapestry style vintage skirt, cute modern jumper with a fluffy colour and then accessorised it all up with a vintage starburst brooch and Bow and Crossbones ‘Vivien’ gold glitter hoop earrings. And of course a turban for a quick easy but dramatic hairstyle. I always like to wear earrings when my hairs up & here I just put my hair in plaits and tucked them into the headband, it took about a minute to do!
 Head over to my Instagram account for more info on how to win a version of this green velvet, headband style turban, good luck! https://www.instagram.com/sarahsdoowopdos/

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