Hufflepuff Pride: Butterbeer Recipe

January can be a bit of a dull month with lots of work and no vintage events, so I like to do little projects. Over Christmas we watched all the Harry Potter films and then visited Platform 9 3/4 on a trip to London, where I picked up my Hufflepuff scarf (I am a proud Hufflepuff after all!) so I thought I’d do a little themed post and I wanted to practice a recipe for Butterbeer before a friend visited.  

 I decided to try out one of the easy recipes I found on Pinterest, see the original recipe here by Thrifty Little Mom. As this is a cold recipe you just mix several scoops of vanilla ice cream with chilled cream soda & then top with whipped cream & flavouring, easy peasy!

As I couldn’t find the butterscotch flavouring the original recipe asked for, I settled for some yummy toffee sauce. I also wanted something really indulgent & photographic, similar to the OTT milkshakes I’d seen on Instagram, so I decided to add a chocolate brownie and chocolate sprinkles!

All the items for the backdrop, such as the books & suitcase, were already lying around in my studio & salon and my partner made me my Hogwarts student card! We road tested the Butterbeer after the pics & I can promise you it was delicious! 🍺🍺🍺

I have a second Potter blog post in the works, but this time it’ll be a sewing post!


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