Say It With Flowers…

Recently I have been getting back into wearing hair flowers. There are some really great places to buy vintage look flowers now and I did a craft swap with one lovely designer, the fab Holly of Alternate Normality! Holly creates fantastic vintage style accessories and sent me an amazing package full of hair flowers and some gorgeous glitter cacti shoe clips. I in return sent her a couple of my turbans, including a fun custom one with faux teal fur, that she had seen on my Instagram.

The package arrived in perfect timing for my Barcelona trip (several travel blogs coming soon) so it was turbans & flowers in the Spanish sunshine! I even got to test a new fabric coming to my Etsy store soon in a new exciting collaboration with Hey Muchachita, but more on that in the next few weeks!

I also took my favourite Miss Bella’s Blooms orange flower with me on the trip. Claire of ‘Miss Bella’ and I often work together and she always makes me such beautiful things! Below are a few of my recent hair flower looks…

So I’ll just leave you with some of my favourite flower & turban inspiration pics from my Pinterest. These images are from the 1940s and showcase the what a great combination turbans and flowers can be!

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