Vintage Projects

img_1487Being a bit of a crafty girl I often have several projects on the go at once so here’s a few of my recent successes!

My little novelty frog bag, came from hours of looking at 1950s wicker bags on Pinterest and then looking at the price tags! I found the wicker frog for £1 in a junk shop shortly after and knew I could make it into something. I raided my fabric stash for some pretty patterned fabric and trim and then bought a small piece of leather to make the handle with.

I cut the pouch for inside bag and sewed it on my machine (whilst binge watching Project Runway!) and then did the strap with my trusty glue gun. I think he looks pretty good considering he cost less than £5 and he’s going to be a great summer accessory!

I have also been learning to make trousers! Being a tall girl the right length is hard to find and I finally found a pattern (again via Pinterest) that made the perfect palazzo pant! Even better it is ridiculously simple to follow, find it here: and below are some of my recent makes.

My final project and probably the most tricky has been learning to make vintage style jackets, especially when I keep using small lengths of vintage fabric! The first jacket was the blue plaid one and I added a vintage faux fur collar I had bought at a car boot, as I had very little fabric and wanted long sleeves. The second jacket had short sleeves so I could make the sort of collar I wanted & I tailored this pattern from my favourite Pendleton and I think I’ll wear it as much! Both fabrics were found in a charity shop for just £3!

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