This Morning Live! 

I spent last week/weekend working for English Heritage at the fab This Morning Live show.

I loved the vintage dressing room set up they created for me to work from at the show. Plus as the stand was right by the main stage I got to see lots of the show while I was styling.

I was incredibly busy throughout the show so a big thank you to all those that come over and had a hairdo, you all made it a lot of fun. Iconic 1940s victory rolls and soft waves were hugely popular, along with 1920s style faux bobs and 60s favourite the Beehive. Below are some of the pics I managed to take over the 4 days.

I was so busy styling that I didn’t see I’d made the day 3 highlight video till the next day! Check out the event video below .

I’ll be back out and about with English Heritage this coming weekend for the Wrest Park 1940s event (Sunday and Monday), Wrest At War. There’s more event info online here: I’ll be there by the shop marquee with my pop-up salon offering salon services and a selection of vintage hair accessories, so do stop by!

So until then if anyone needs me I’ll be chilling out on the sofa having a much needed rest, and probably a few post dinner G&T’s, in the new mermaid tail blanket I got at the show!


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