Disneyland Paris Magic✨

img_8998This time last week I was on a train headed for Euro-Disney. I’ve been dreaming about making this trip for a long time, so I was thrilled to finally be able to do it. It was all a bit last minute in the end but we found a great deal and went for it, meaning we could stay in a Disney hotel, the Santa Fe, something I really recommend as it gives you so much more to see!

We were very lucky with the weather and despite a few showers in the mornings we had sunshine and blue skies by the afternoons!

A huge part of the trip for me was the chance to dress up, you know how much I love clothing! So I spent a few evenings before the trip creating the looks you see below, as part of my disneybounding wardrobe (looks created in character colours).
Day one outfit: Since I  traveling by train I didn’t want to wear anything too over the top, so I decided to do a version of the Snow White, brown rags outfit that you see her in by the wishing well. This was super easy to do and comfy for the journey. I teamed my fave handmade brown swing trousers with a cheap white top and my handmade 40s style jacket. I added my fab Snow White brooch by Twinkle Sprinkle and my Hey Muchachita earrings. The whole look was finished off with a huge blue (padded) bow I made and off we went…


The weather was amazing when we arrived and we headed straight into Disneyland where we spent the afternoon looking round the site, eating mouse shaped food and I even met the real Snow White herself before heading to the Disney Village for drinks!

Day two: The weather wasn’t great when we woke up so we headed to Walt Disney Studios as it had lots of indoors things to do. For the studio I dressed as Mickey Mouse and wore the new red sailor trousers I had recently made. I kept it simple and teamed them with a black and white peasant style top and a cardie to keep me warm. I then added red/black and yellow accessories, as a good disneybound look is all in the details. I finished it all off with one of my black and white polka dot, full coverage turbans, perfect for covering my hair in the drizzle.


We sheltered from the rain in the studio tour and the amazing 3D Ratatouille ride, before having a great 3 course meal at the themed Bistrot Chez Remy. If you love the film Ratatouille as much as I do this really is a must!

By the evening the weather was stunning so I turned my Mickey look into Minnie Mouse with a change of top, matching accessories and of course a turban. I made the red polka dot headband turban specially for the trip.


We headed out for cocktails at the lovely (if expensive) Cafe Fantasia in the main Disneyland Hote. It’s well worth a noise around the hotel and the bar is cozy and a great place to relax with one of the 25th Anniversary cocktails and watch the sun set over the park. We finished the night off at the best firework display I have ever seen!

Day three: As this was our last day of course I had to go full Snow White! This look combined handmade sailor style trousers in a mustard yellow, my fave bright blue peasant blouse and a red cardigan, plus one of my new padded bow turbans (get your own turban here). The matching accessories were from Bow and Crossbones and I wore my themed Twinwkle Sprinkle brooch again. This look attracted a lot of attention, in a nice way, and I was in good company as Snow is definitely the Princess everyone dresses up as the most!


I of course went on the Snow White ride first, as well as several roller coasters and explored lots of the themed areas. We even caught the parade before leaving the park for the last time.

For our last night we booked tickets to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and luckily I had packed my favourite made to measure gingham skirt from Sink Or Swin Bowtique! I teamed this with some hair flowers and my Santa Fe themed Disney hotel brooch ( I bought a lot of the different themed brooches, they are great).


I loved walking to and from the parks each day along the river and past Hotel Cheyenne, a western themed hotel, so I had to have a pic there. The dinner show was great, there was a themed bar even before the main show, so go early like we did! The show itself is great fun, the riders were amazing, the food and beer left us stuffed and we had a laugh with the people in our row. Plus I got extra girlfriend points as my bloke loved anything Western themed!

I’m now back at workso you canbook a styling appointment on sarahsdoowopdos@gmail.com and my Etsy shop is open again on July 15th. I may be home now but don’t worry I’m still surrounded by Disney stuff!!!


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